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New York, NY

Judith Glynn

I've written travel articles for a long time, moved on to write two books and am now hooked on writing personal essays. I live in NYC and Rhode Island, adjusting easily to both locales.




My account of some memories as a landlady in the Fox Point neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island.
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Loving Spain's Iconic Cured Ham

It’s absolutely impossible to not come across ibérico ham and Serrano ham when travelling in Spain. The most select breed is the black Iberian pig – just six percent of the millions in Spain.
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The Byline Bible: Get Published in Five Weeks

I'm honored. My article "Searching for my Father's Grave" is part of Susan Shapiro's The Byline Bible. She wrote: "Thank you for giving me permission to reprint your brilliant piece in my new book “The Byline Bible” which is officially out this week. It was one of my favorite clips from 25 years of teaching 25,000 students!" Susan Shapiro

Learning Flamenco in Madrid

Spain’s quintessential art form flamenco is a highly seductive, captivating dance and music. The soulful expressions of the dancers, the swish of ruffled skirts hiked knee high to emphasize intricate steps, plus the sensual yet ramrod-straight dominance of male partners entices wannabes from around the world to learn the dance in the country where it originated. But desire and reality are not always the perfect fit.
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New Beau? Check Him Out Online

When Ron began behaving erratically, I decided to look him up on Instant Checkmate’s extensive public records. We were seasoned and senior women, Pamela and me, still in the game of life when we met for dinner in my Hell’s Kitchen apartment. I’d been divorced for decades, had grandchildren and several dead-end romances, probably because I preferred an affair to marriage.
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The Barber Who Created a Picasso Museum

A 26-year friendship that formed in a barber’s chair would later create an endearing Picasso museum in a small Spanish town. It’s common for expatriates with a cause to befriend fellow countrymen in their adopted land. For some, daily living without the awareness of their birth country around them can grate on the mind. Link to Story

Visiting My Father’s Forgotten Grave

I hardly knew him but he shaped my life. A thank-you was owed. But where was he? My errand that day was to purchase a kitchen countertop, not search for my father’s grave. But as I drove past St. Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket, R.I., I suddenly wondered if he was buried there. Although my memory of him had faded, I turned into the cemetery feeling an urge to honor my dad.
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On Ireland’s west coast, a tiny enclave with musical clout

When the Atlantic crashes against the Cliffs of Moher with such force it mimics a thunder clap and, slightly inland, a cow moos in the pitch-black night, both sounds complement the rural landscape of Doolin. But it's the feisty, toe-tapping tunes drifting from the doorways and up the narrow chimneys of four pubs that put this musical village in the big leagues.
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The Plane Ride That Changed My Mind About Tattoos

I was at Newark Airport waiting for my cross-country flight to San Francisco when a young man nearby stretched and swayed his willowy body, arms raised hallelujah-style. A tattoo began at his wrist, encircled his forearm and disappeared into an Army-fatigue jacket scrunched at his elbow.
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Portugal's Devotion to Ginja

Slightly off Rossio Square, which is Lisbon’s unofficial center, are a few standing-room-only bars. It’s obvious they have been around for ages, what with their vintage posters and decor. What catches my eye, besides their colorful facades, is their non-ending stream of customers. Many are older men with weathered faces and pot bellies.
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Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Hop-on, hop-off or tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® in three days. Guides at the distilleries. Learn how bourbon is made. Sip samples. Stop in towns along the way.
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Judith Glynn

Judith Glynn's writing life began with travel articles in national newspapers. A favorite destination is Spain. When freelance was alive and well in newspapers, she wrote a monthly travel shopping column. Today, she continues to write a few travel articles because she loves them but, lately, she’s focusing on the personal essay.

Her two books include a memoir and a novel,

"The Street or Me: A New York City," is a raw, riveting read that chronicles how she returned a New York City homeless woman to her family in Italy. Reviewers say they get a different perspective about helping a stranger.

"A Collector of Affections: Tales from a Woman's Heart," reinforces that middle-age romances are hot and alive. It's been translated into Spanish.

(Note: My cover photo was taken in the Connemara region of Ireland.)